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How do I play RuneScape at school (firewall)? And don't bring me that education speech, because I'm at I use a laptop and a WiFi hotspot.

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Okay, you've got the irresistible urge to play Runescape. Slight problem: You're at school and this is forbidden. Here's some tips on how to sneak in a little bit of.

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Due to the fact I have posted a guide on this before, but mods believed I was phishing, I would like to give to you my way of accessing RS.

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I have my own laptop that the school has given to me so im fine to Gender:Male ; Location:Brisbane; Joined:1 March ; RuneScape Status:P2P or methods to get around blocks so i can play rs while being at school?.

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The client itself doesn't load and when I try to play I have been able to run RuneScape on it so that's fine, I guess it runs Windows so it'll run RM too:) Could be the same basis, because my school bans a lot of sites.

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Proxies aren't working, proxies shut down the schools Wifi off the laptops FlashDrives.. no because the Runescape+Java applet is blocked.

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When ever my phone goes from Wifi to Cell Data or from Cell Data to Wifi I get kicked and Just Nerdy Guy Playing the Game He Loves ==