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The May Day riots of were a series of violent demonstrations that occurred throughout Cleveland, Ohio on May 1 (May Day), The riots occurred.

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The United States anarchist bombings were a series of bombings and attempted bombings carried out by the Italian anarchist followers of Luigi Galleani from April through June These bombings led to the Red Scare of – The Galleanists intended their bombs to be delivered on May Day. Since

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The First Red Scare was a period during the early 20th-century history of the United States marked by a widespread fear of Bolshevism and anarchism, due to real and imagined events; real events included the Russian Revolution and anarchist bombings. At its height in –, concerns over the effects of radical political .. The American labor movement had been celebrating.

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In , the United States was experiencing its first "Red Scare. The Cleveland May Day Riot began when a World War I veteran took offense at the events that took place during the May Day riot ~ Source: Cleveland Regional.

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During the first days of may we will be re-enacting an infamous riot that took place in RL Berlin In this blog post you will find a bit of info.

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May Day bomb plot helped spur 's deadly Wall St. blast trampled the civil liberties of ordinary citizens who just happened to.